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This story is a tale of how a group of spear-carrying village hunters go seek to reclaim at least a part of the civilization, which had existed upon Tayna for over five thousand years, but was wiped out over three hundred years before.  They want more than a simple existence for themselves and any children they might have later.  They must face and overcome many challenges in this quest and even learn to travel to other planets, as their starfaring ancestors.  They learn how to live with and accept many different peoples and form an Alliance of Worlds, as they strive to save the homeworld of one of their allies, from the dark enemy which wiped out Tayna’s civilization so long ago.  They combine their Talents, skills, resources, hearts and minds to triumph in the end.  Then comes the rebuilding and cementing their Alliance, so it will last well beyond their own lives.

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Tayna's Dawn

The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, Book 1

On a forgotten, destroyed colony world, simple villagers set out to rediscover their past.  In the process they create changes within their village and themselves that awakens a need to strive for more in all their lives.  While out on their journey, our young adventurers discover an ancient evil which existed upon Tayna from before the bombings of the great cities centuries before.  Can they survive?


The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, Book 2

The next step in the Adventures of Ryes and Garth!  Following the story started in Tayna’s Dawn, our brave adventurers are reunited and camped in the outskirts of the greatest city on all Tayna, Hailys.  They are descendants of survivors of a planetary attack over three-hundred years ago and now set out to explore the destroyed city of their ancients, only to discover that time and the attack left little they can hold in their claws; still they find small wonders they can keep to check later.  Korman finds them and Garth must face him, once more.  They face many challenges in their time here and finally leave to find their own home.  Our adventurers find a strange Caravan road that has been deserted for some time, but follow it out of Hailys.  What they discover on that road will change their lives forever.

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Winds of Change

The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, Book 3

The next story in the Adventures of Ryes and Garth!  Following the saga started in Tayna’s Dawn and continued in Winterhaven, our adventurers are learning what it takes to build their civilization anew.  Ryes calls down the remains of a starship with real humans in suspension aboard.  Can they learn how to live together peacefully?  With Garth and Sabin out to settle a peace treaty, with harrowing separate adventures of their own to face.  While the women show they can handle any situation on their own - mostly.

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Stridiing Forth

The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, Book 4

Striding Forth, book four of The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, follows the story begun in Tayna’s Dawn, Winterhaven and Winds of Change. Striding Forth finds the starmen and humans of Winterhaven further uniting as a mysterious message out of the past reveals their shared destiny. But a message from Earth shows them the direction they need to focus on first. They set out to save Tayna and Earth with every resource they can find; starting with furthering their influence across Tayna, herself. But few welcome them with open arms, with the laws they want enforced.

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The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, Book 5

Rescue!, book five of The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, follows the story begun in Tayna’s Dawn, Winterhaven, Winds of Change and Striding Forth. Rescue! takes the Starmen and Human of Winterhaven to a moon of another planet to rescue descendants of the lost people of Tayna, stranded from the time of Prince Callas. The starships journeying to Tayna from Earth discover the shreds of Guardian Space Station, where they hoped to find supplies and repairs. Will they take the Guardian survivors onward to Tayna? Did Ryes lose a wreath of flowers from her head in the fiery destruction of Hailys, over three hundred years ago? And can she save her Great Aunt Adina and guardian Hadu Ramashan out of that horrific destruction?

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The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, Book 6

Arrival, book six in the Adventures of Ryes and Garth series, follows the story begun in Tayna's Dawn.  Arrival has the starmen and humans of Winterhaven preparing for whatever ships survive the blockade run out of the Sol System by the humans from Earth.  While waiting, they find the Challenger in a nearby star system, and bring her home for restoration.  Now they have a space station and a massive warship.  When three Earth ships arrive, they find these humans are far more belligerent than any they've met so far.  Can they form an alliance?  Or will the humans strive to take over everything?  With Earth's very existence in danger, how can they win them over to Winterhaven's ways?

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