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Marie started writing stories when she was a child in school. She won an award in high school, which ended up in the school anthology, for her science fiction piece. It was the first time she was paid for her work.

Marie married young;, to a guy who was in the Navy, and learned how to manage a household - no matter where his orders took them. Kids followed, a divorce, and she ended up as a working single mother, with not as much time for writing. Then Ellen became her dearest friend, and while their kids played, she was reading what she had written to her aloud, to see what she thought. Ellen was enchanted and kept begging for more. So, Marie wrote more; wrote books worth of more for them both.

Marie's writing sat upon the computer and bookshelves for years, the stories constantly growing. Then finally, one day, she found the courage to hit the button and publish Tayna's Dawn. She has not regretted that decision, for writing is her life! Marie loves giving from her heart to others and hopes this comes out in her stories.

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