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Rescue!, book five of The Adventures of Ryes and Garth, follows the story begun in Tayna’s Dawn, Winterhaven, Winds of Change and Striding Forth. Rescue! takes the Starmen and Human of Winterhaven to a moon of another planet to rescue descendants of the lost people of Tayna, stranded from the time of Prince Callas. The starships journeying to Tayna from Earth discover the shreds of Guardian Space Station, where they hoped to find supplies and repairs. Will they take the Guardian survivors onward to Tayna? Did Ryes lose a wreath of flowers from her head in the fiery destruction of Hailys, over three hundred years ago? And can she save her Great Aunt Adina and guardian Hadu Ramashan out of that horrific destruction?

Wonderful new author & a very creative storyline. [Tayna's Dawn Review)

Lisa S


Outstanding looking forward to the next one  [Tayna's Dawn Review]

Barbara A. Ramey